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  • This currency is used to purchase item level 359 gear.
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    For example for the highest item level you will need to provide a Enchanted Aspect’s Shadowflame Crest.

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    Wowhead Optional Crafting Reagents in Dragonflight.

  • With the new upgrading system, you should probably be taking whatever will save you the most Shadowflame crests, so this don't seem as important as it used to be, since you really just need to try to get your BIS from any level of content, then use the Vault.
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    May 17, 2023 · WOW Dragonflight Ilvl 447 Gearing Guide - Best Way To Get Full PvP Gear In Dragonflight Season 2 We’re going to explain all of the things happening with the gear systems primarily it's a new upgrade system that we're looking at but we’re also going to talk about the loot that comes from the raid and from Dungeons and the crafted gear and.

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